I love speaking on the topic of Healthcare in Retirement – focusing on Medicare insurance as well as services needed for an extended healthcare event.

Most attendees are surprised to hear that Medicare does not pay for ALL their healthcare needs.

At a recent seminar, two questions were asked:
“If Medicare doesn’t pay for care, then who does?” The individual needing care and their family, their retirement savings, and/or Medicaid. Caregiving costs for those who self-insure is significant and can destroy a lifetime of savings.

“Is a long term care (LTC) insurance policy worth the cost?”
Yes, if someone can afford the premiums. Fortunately there are many LTC plans that fit both different needs and budgets. I can show you the tradeoffs involved with different plans, and what would make sense for you to consider. Only with a private consult can you know what your cost would be and whether you could qualify for the coverage at any cost!